11 Ways CBD Oil Benefits Your Health

These days, consumers are paying close attention to what they put in their bodies. The majority of grocery shoppers make decisions based on nutrition labels and organic food sales have tripled in the past 10 years. This is true for medicines too.

There’s a growing school of thought in osteopathic medicine that natural remedies can be as effective at treating or preventing some medical conditions, often without the same negative side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Doctors and researchers are becoming increasingly interested in a naturally occurring compound that is carefully extracted from hemp plants known as CBD oil. CBD oil has many homeopathic benefits and has been clinically shown to relieve symptoms of many of the conditions that are commonly treated with a prescription just as well or better. And much like smart shoppers at the grocery store, individuals often prefer pure, all-natural remedies to chemical ones.

CBD oil benefits a number of common medical from psychological to physical. How can CBD oil benefit you? See our list of 11 common ailments to find out. We are only beginning to scratch the surface of the ways in which CBD oil benefits almost everyone, with new therapeutic uses being discovered all the time.

1. CBD oil reduces anxiety.

CBD triggers the receptors in the brain that are responsible for emotional behavior. The presence of CBD mitigates anxious feelings and allows anxiety sufferers to feel more in control during fight-or-flight responses. In studies where CBD oil was tested against commonly prescribed anti-anxiety medications, the CBD group experienced less anxiety and reported greater cognitive and emotional function.

2. CBD oil relieves symptoms of depression.

For people suffering from depression, CBD oil can be a natural alternative to prescription drugs. CBD oil starts working immediately to reduce feelings of stress and increasing positive feelings. Prescription drugs can sometimes take weeks or even months to relieve symptoms. And because CBD oil is THC-free, there are no psychoactive effects like paranoia or the “high,” that is associated with other types of cannabis oils.

3. CBD oil keeps your weight in check.

While marijuana can be linked to weight gain, CBD oil can help maintain a healthy weight and promote weight loss. CBD stimulates enzymes that breakdown fat, decreases the body’s production of fat cells and increases the body’s production of healthy cells that boost your metabolism.

4. CBD oil can lessen the symptoms of diabetes.

CBD oil benefits people who suffer from diabetes or who may be prediabetic. Studies have found that CBD oil decreases the number of insulin-resistant cells, lessening the effects of Type II diabetes. CBD oil has also been shown to reduce inflammation that can lead to painful nerve damage in diabetics.

5. CBD oil reduces pain and inflammation.

CBD oil has been shown to reduce chronic muscle and joint pain associated with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer and other conditions. CBD oil it is able to ease more common injuries too, like acute muscle soreness, inflammation and swelling.

6. CBD boosts your immune system.

CBD oil plays a key role in keeping the various components of the immune system balanced. CBD acts on neurotransmitters throughout the body to maintain the optimal ratio of T-cells, B-cells and other cells that help fight pathogens and ward off illness.

7. CBD promotes a healthy night’s sleep.

For people who have difficulty falling or staying asleep, CBD oil can relax the body without any disturbance in your mental clarity, by just putting the mind at ease and making sleep easier. CBD oil is a good option for people looking for an alternative to expensive sleep clinic visits or sleep medications with unpleasant side effects.

8. CBD oil can stop breakouts.

Acne is an aggravating problem for many people. CBD oil hinders sweat-producing glands and reduces oil production in your skin as well as providing stress relief that can help reduce the number of breakouts.

9. CBD oil soothes common skin conditions.

CBD oil may help heal the skin of people suffering from psoriasis and other skin conditions. CBD oil limits the overproduction of skin cells that cause the painful plaques on the skin and prevents outbreaks. And unlike the drugs commonly prescribed for psoriasis, CBD oil does not have serious side effects. CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties soothe the itchiness and redness associated with eczema.

10. CBD oil eases a queasy stomach.

CBD oil has been shown to relieve sudden onset nausea and digestive issues like heartburn and acid reflux disease by reducing the inflammation in the stomach and calming the GI tract. If you’re tired of reaching for the antacids after every meal or dealing with a weak stomach, consider adding CBD oil to your routine and gaining natural relief before symptoms start.

11. CBD oil makes it easier to quit smoking.

People who wish to quit smoking may find it easier to kick the habit while using CBD oil. CBD oil reduces cigarette cravings by providing an overall calming effect and acting upon the part of the brain that controls addictive behavior. One study found that “reconsolidation,” or the positive memories that smokers associate with smoking are inhibited by the effects of CBD oil which makes it easier to kick the habit for good and less likely to take it back up.

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