3 Tips for Ensuring Your CBD Oil is Pure

Not all CBD oil is created equal. CBD oil (cannabidiol) sales continue to spike as more people learn about the benefits, such as improved mood, decreased stress levels, reduction of chronic pain and lower instances of seizures in epilepsy patients. You want to ensure your CBD oil is pure and not just coming from a company looking to capitalize on a growing industry. It is crucial that whatever company you choose to purchase from offers transparency in the manufacturing process and continuity in the product potency. There are several important factors to consider before you make a CBD oil purchase. We have collected some tips to ensure your CBD oil is pure.

The Geography of Your CBD

Despite the Farm Bill Act of 2014, which legalized domestic hemp farming on a federal level, only a few states permit farmers to cultivate it. This means that the majority of CBD products are coming from out of this country, namely China and Romania. The lack of regulation and transparency surrounding these foreign distributors is concerning, as they generally offer CBD oil products at a lower-than-market price. There is remarkably little data on quality control and origin. Consumers deserve to know the cultivation environment of their CBD oil, as the hemp plant is a bio-accumulator meaning it has high absorption rates for anything around it – this includes pesticides and other contaminants. If the soil is not pure, the hemp plant may absorb chemicals like mercury or lead, which is then bottled and passed on to the consumer. The majority of America’s CBD imported products come from China, which uses unregulated hydrocarbon extractions with repurposed industrial hemp typically used for agricultural reasons like irrigation. CBD from other countries may be less expensive, but is a low price tag worth the lack of transparency and consumer control? Stick with products from the United States, which undergo vigorous safety standards.

Product Labeling

CBD oil labels can be misleading in terms of both dosage and potency. A reputable company will disclose the CBD milligram strength of the amount of active CBD within the product. The label should be accurate and based on extensive laboratory testing. Unfortunately, many companies on the market list the ingredients without communicating the amount. For example, if a company’s CBD hemp oil is 25% CBD by weight, but the label reads that it has 100mg of CBD hemp oil, then it actually just has 25mg of active CBD. Active CBD and CBD hemp oil are two entirely different measurements, which is why you must be mindful of the labeling. Different measurements have striking differences in terms of product potency.

Availability of Third Party Lab Results

Confirming the safety and efficacy of CBD products can be challenging. You should always request third party lab results to make sure you know exactly what is in your CBD before you purchase it and ingest it. Labs test for crucial factors like potency, mycotoxins absorbed by the hemp plant, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. If a company refuses to provide you with this information, they most likely have unsavory manufacturing practices that they are trying to hide. A reputable CBD company will offer transparency to their customers to guarantee they are getting a pure, sustainably grown product.

The CBD industry is thriving, and a lot of well-intentioned entrepreneurs are expanding the industry to offer alternative health solutions. These tips are meant to empower consumers with the right knowledge so they can purchase high-quality CBD oil product. Always make sure you are getting your CBD oil from a reputable company, and be sure to research online reviews and customer experiences. The company should be based in the United States to ensure regulated manufacturing, and high standards for safety and quality control. You want your CBD to be therapeutic grade, free of pesticides and other chemicals, and sustainably grown in a healthy environment. Your CBD oil should be of the purest quality possible so you can maximize the health benefits of CBD without ingesting chemicals your body does not need.

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