How CBD Quickly Relieves Your Nerve Pain

Learn How CBD Targets Nerves and Promotes Wellness

Chronic nerve pain is debilitating and disruptive to your daily life. Chronic pain and nerve pain cost Americans more than $100 billion dollars annually. Prescription drugs may be an effective solution for some, but pharmaceuticals can carry unpleasant side effects like dizziness, depression and malaise; prescription drugs may also not be an option for those with other conditions like kidney disease or certain cardiovascular diseases. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a powerful alternative to pharmaceuticals to help relieve nerve pain and boost daily life and productivity. Read on to learn how CBD quickly relieves your nerve pain, so you can be on the path to pain-free living.

What is causing your chronic pain?

More than 50 million people today suffer from chronic pain. Nerve pain typically stems from disease, nerve injury, and drug side effects. Diseases like diabetes, various endocrine disorders, cancers, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases, and others can injure or damage nerves and lead to chronic pain. Certain medical interventions, like chemotherapy and radiation cause nerve pain, specifically peripheral neuropathy which produces pain and tingling in the arms, legs, hands, and feet. Those living with nerve pain know all too well the pain can lead to sleeplessness, nausea, dizziness, and potential risks of falling. Managing your nerve pain and the related side effects may seem like a constant battle, but there is relief in sight.

How CBD can relieve your nerve pain.

recent study revealed the use of CBD oil alleviates nerve pain and neuropathy. Let’s break down this highly complicated process by which your body metabolizes CBD and allows it to work its magic. CBD engages with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, located in the nervous system. The endocannabinoid system contains two cannabinoid receptors critical for maintaining essential bodily functions, CB1 and CB2. CBD works to protect both the central and peripheral nervous system, which encompasses the brain, nerves, cranial nerves, ganglia, and the spinal cord. CBD protects the body’s nervous system by targeting the nerves and working to prevent degeneration. Amide hydroxylase (FAAH), a fatty acid in the human body, is an enzyme that breaks down anandamide (a neurotransmitter responsible for the neural generation and neural development). CBD subdues the impact of FAAH, which leads to higher levels of anandamide; the newly increased anandamide levels bind to the CB1 receptor to promote pain sensation and pain management.

CBD and Nerve Regeneration.

CBD stimulates the CB2 receptor by providing anti-inflammatory benefits to the brain and throughout the human body. CBD’s influence over the brain’s anti-inflammatory response is crucial for the mitigation of neuropathic pain, which stems from damage to the somatosensory nervous system (responsible to the sensory neurons associated with pain, pressure, temperature, and movement arising from muscles, joints, and fascia). Studies show CBD can promote intricate influences in adult neurogenesis and nerve regeneration as both CB1 and CB2 receptors are activated and nerve conduction is improved.

The human body naturally creates cannabinoids, known as endogenous cannabinoids, that instinctively protect the synapses on the nerve endings. Once nerve damage occurs and pain pathways are formed, the intake of CBD can further protect and inhibit the pain pathway. Studies show CBD can promote intricate influences over the central and peripheral nervous system, and serve as a natural analgesic.

Where can you buy CBD oil?

Hemp-based CBD is available in stores and online in 49 states – Indiana’s new CBD law recently made the hemp product illegal to sell, make or possess unless you’re listed on a state-monitored registry for epilepsy patients. CBD products are legal to purchase and possess in the state of Florida, just be sure to do your homework and make guarantee your CBD oil is pure and free of chemicals and pesticides.

There is relief in sight for your chronic nerve pain. Always be sure to consult your doctor before adding dietary supplements or incorporating CBD products into your prescription regimen. The medical benefits of CBD may be able to ease your nerve pain and reduce your discomfort. CBD is a viable alternative to traditional prescription drugs and can potentially help relieve nerve pain for millions of sufferers.

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