I Tried CBD Oil for My Hyper Dog

Meet Ziggy

Ziggy is my one and a half old Lab mix. I was told she was mixed with Husky but I suspect she is mixed with Pit Bull based on the wrinkles in her face when she is happy. As most Labs, she is a very energetic and hyper. She is more attention-driven than food-driven. She absolutely needs to have her energy released and she loves to socialize with other dogs and people.

My boyfriend and I usually take her on two to three walks a day and play frisbee with her in our yard. If she doesn’t get any exercise in she will be restless all night: whining at the door, chasing the cat, power chewing through her toys, etc.

Ziggy is definitely loves to be around people; however, she also suffers from mild separation anxiety. When she is anxious, she tends to chew on whatever she can find.

As an avid user of CBD oil personally, I was intrigued when I discovered that you can buy a CBD oil specifically made for your pet. When I used CBD oil for myself, I noticed a decrease in my anxiety, so I believed that it might also help Ziggy. We decided to try giving our pup CBD oil to see if it would reduce her hyperactivity and anxiety levels.

First Impression

We found a CBD tincture that was easy to mix with her favorite food and began giving it to her everyday with breakfast. After her first dose, we noticed that she seemed much more calm. The effects lasted for about 30 minutes after she finished her meal. After a few days of using it, we noticed she seemed overall more relaxed and tended to graze throughout the day, while also frequently napping. It had also helped relieve some of her separation anxiety when we weren’t home.

After Consistent Use

We are continuing to use CBD oil for Ziggy since we have seen such positive effects. We are still using the tincture in the mornings, and sometimes at dinner depending on how much exercise she got for the day. Usually, she doesn’t eat right away when we put food in her bowl, but once we add CBD, she starts eating it right away. I think she likes the taste of it.

I feel that she is much more trustworthy alone after taking CBD oil. She is not destructive like she usually is without CBD and is home alone. She doesn’t whine as much once we leave the house after eating her CBD breakfast, which makes me think she’s less fixated on the fact that we are gone.

CBD does help but it doesn’t change the fact that she needs to release her energy. I think in conjunction with her getting older and using the CBD oil, her chewing and her anxiety have calmed down. She’s still hyper and needs to release her energy like most dogs (probably more so than most dogs). The CBD is really helpful on days where it’s been raining and we just couldn’t get a good walk or frisbee time in.

Final Thoughts

I think that, just like humans, anxiety can be extremely frustrating, and I am happy that a holistic method exists that allows me to give Ziggy relief. I would definitely recommend to pet owners, especially to those who have trouble with separation anxiety.

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