CBD Edibles

When Ingested (Orally/Sublingually)

Taking CBD orally is the most common method of intake. When you take CBD orally, it can take longer than other methods of intake to feel the full effects since it must be digested and metabolized first by the liver. 

We advise when taking CBD orally to consume it on an empty stomach or with fatty rich foods to increase the bioavailability. On average you will feel the effects of the CBD in about 30 minutes to an hour. In some extreme cases, it can have a delayed onset of up to two hours. 

CBD Topicals

When Applied Topically

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much research done on CBD topicals due to federal laws. Anecdotal evidence points to it having no harmful effects. Our customers report to us that its effects can be felt in about 25 minutes.

CBD Smokeables

When Inhaled

The main benefit of smoking CBD, as opposed to other methods, is it has a much faster onset. This means you will get the relief you are looking for much quicker. The reason CBD has a much faster onset is that when combusted or vaped the vapor or smoke passes through the blood-brain barrier. This allows the effects to be felt almost immediately. On average you will feel the effects within 1-5 minutes. 

The downside of smokeable CBD is that compared to the other methods of intake the effects are way more immediate and intense, which is great for fast relief but it wears off way quicker.