The Wonderful Benefits of Sustainable CBD Farming

Earth Day is the perfect time to celebrate the vital role hemp plays in current and future conservation efforts. The benefits of hemp-based CBD products are continually being explored by scientists and consumers alike. The cultivation of hemp itself contains many powerful compounds that help maintain the purity of the soil and keep the air free of greenhouse gases – important tasks that significantly benefit our environment.

As CBD grows in popularity, so does hemp farming. It is crucial to lay the groundwork now as the industry continues to boom. When you buy organic CBD oil products, you are supporting sustainable farming practices that yield the purest and most potent CBD extracts.

Harvesting hemp under ethical and responsible conditions delivers CBD’s pure benefits directly to the consumer, without the harsh impacts from pesticides and tainted soil.

While not all CBD comes from a pure cultivation environment, here at Kono Naturals we use only the most environmentally friendly methods. The benefits of sustainable farming and high-quality harvests impact the entire world. Conscious farming helps preserve our planet and our future.

Benefits of Sustainable Hemp Farming

  • Committing to Conservation

The environment plays a vital role in supporting life on our planet. We need to nurture our environment now for future generations to enjoy it and have their basic needs met. Sustainable CBD agriculture restores the land and our natural resources, ensuring future generations can reap the benefits and sustain life.

  • Eliminating Use of Agrochemicals

The hemp plant can thrive across various climates and soils. It grows tightly spaced, which reduces the amount of land needed for harvests, and boasts a fast growth rate. This accelerated growth rate eliminates the need for pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, as well as reduces the amount of water needed for development.

By removing the need for toxic agrochemicals, public health safety is enhanced as consumers can enjoy the medical benefits of CBD without encountering toxins. When agrochemicals are eliminated from the equation, it creates a safer environment for workers, consumers and communities.

  • Whole Hemp Plant Process

Kono Naturals uses the whole hemp plant during the extraction process. This means we pull CBD extract from the entire plant, not just the leaves and flowers. Our extraction technique not only delivers the most potent form of CBD, but it produces the least waste.

  • Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Cultivating hemp is eco-friendly and offers sustainability for farmers and our planet. Farmers are able to reinvigorate their land by harvesting hemp, as it eradicates the need for harsh agrochemicals like pesticides and herbicides.

Hemp grows densely with deep roots that help ward off the growth of weeds. Hemp naturally absorbs CO2 as it grows through photosynthesis, making it carbon negative from the very beginning.

  • Enriched Soil

Healthy soil is a critical element for sustainable CBD agriculture. When the soil is properly nourished, it is full of life and more capable of assisting in growth. Pesticides and herbicides can taint healthy soil and hinder crop growth. Enriched soil increases yields and supports more hardy crops. Sustainable CBD farming helps the hemp plant thrive without the use of chemicals, so when CBD is extracted for consumers, they’re getting pure benefits without toxins.

  • Beneficial for Farmers

When farmers practice sustainable agricultural methods, they receive a fair wage. This reduces reliance on government subsidies and strengthens communities. Organic farming generally requires 2x less labor than factory farming and generates 10x more profit. Workers are offered a higher salary with benefits, as well as enjoying a safe work environment and better living conditions.

You can enjoy the benefits of both pure, organic CBD and sustainable cultivation methods. Through the ethical cultivation of hemp and the extraction of its medically beneficial compounds, CBD is a positive force that helps our mind and body while preserving our environment. When farming operations are properly managed, there is a greater focus on unlocking the full potential of CBD. Sustainable CBD cultivation protects our planet, our health, and our future.

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