Women Are Turning to CBD Oil for Menstrual Cramps

CBD oil has been known to serve a myriad of benefits, but what about when it comes to dealing with pains caused by a woman’s cycle? Could CBD oil be able alleviate some of this pain caused by the shedding of the menstrual lining? And if so, how?

Menstrual Pain Broken Down

Dysmenorrhea, better known as menstrual cramps, is the most common menstrual disorder. In fact, over half the women who experience a monthly cycle claim to have menstrual-related pain 1 to 2 days a month. These pains are caused by the hormones called prostaglandins, which is released causing the uterine to contract. This causes the lining in the uterus to slough off, causing the pain some women experience.

Dating back to the Middle Ages, women have sought for natural remedies to help with their menstrual-related pain, and throughout history, many herbal remedies have been tried and tested. In 1872, an American physician urged the surgical removal of the ovaries to erase the pain. Today, the advancements in medical science have had a promising results, with medicine like Midol and Pamprin; however, some women seek a more natural approach to pain management.

CBD Oil and Pain Management

The war on drugs have limited the amount of conclusive studies when it comes to CBD, but with CBD oil becoming more regulated, more studies are underway to better understand how it helps pain. In short, the endocannabinoid system in our bodies act as receptors to compounds like CBD. These phytocannabinoids—or plant based cannabinoids—have known to serve many functions to the receptors in our body, including pain management.

This can include chronic pain or dull pain, much like those some women experience with dysmenorrhea. A study done by the University of Montana found CBD in different forms had benefits with “difficult to manage pain.” They study also found that both topicals and ingestible types of cannabis worked to promote pain relief.

CBD products have sprung up including suppositories and bath salt soak, with women claiming that the products have helped relieve their dysmenorrhea, as well as relax their body and treat anxiety. Aside from management for abdominal pains, CBD has also shown to help with head pain, another common menstrual cycle symptom for women.

If you are a woman who experiences these symptoms, you know how upsetting it can sometimes be. If you are looking to try CBD oil for your dysmenorrhea, make sure you find a brand of pure CBD oil containing quality active ingredients. Different ingestible forms of CBD include tinctures, isolates, and capsules. If you would like to try a non-ingestible, consider trying a topical. Make sure you know which form of CBD is best for you.

Dealing with a “difficult flow” can be tough, but promising studies have pointed in the direction that CBD and cannabis products can be beneficial for promoting pain relief. If you are looking for a natural solution to menstrual cramps, perhaps give CBD oil a try.

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